Heavy Weather Returns!

Pope Productions is bringing music video wizards Heavy Weather to CBC Television this summer.

Breagh Mackinnon (credit: Nathan Boone)
Breagh Mackinnon (credit: Nathan Boone)

Heavy Weather was formed in 2011 to showcase East Coast musicians to the rest of Canada and the world. Their unique videos are filmed and recorded live on location. To date they have over two hundred beautiful, lush videos available on-line at heavyweather.ca.

The one-hour episodes air Saturday August 2 and Saturday August 16 2014 on CBC Television in Atlantic Canada. Featured bands include Kat McLevey, Matthew Hornell, The Heavy Horses, Repartee (Newfoundland), The Modern Grass, Breagh Mackinnon (Nova Scotia), Les Hay Babies (New Brunswick) and Coyote (Prince Edward Island).

You can get a taste of what’s to come this weekend at the ECMAs in Charlottetown, PEI with attending artists:

Matthew Hornell (credit: Kennan Goddard-Donovan)
Matthew Hornell (credit: Kennan Goddard-Donovan)

Breagh Mackinnon (playing Rising Star Stage: The Rodd Charlottetown-10:15pm to 10:35pm, Songcamp Stage-Delta Hotel- 4:45pm, Jazz Stage- The Globe- 8:00pm-8:25pm)

Coyote (playing Wednesday at the Soundwaves Showcase at Stratford Town Hall at 9:40, Hunters Alehouse at midnight, and Thursday at the Guild for the Music PEI Rock stage, at 10:00pm.)

You can also find Heavy Weather’s CBC show from last year on the new CBC music app cbctv or on the CBC website. Look for Heavy Weather Presents, featuring Joanna Barker, Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind, Hear/Say and The Elizabeatans.


Adam Penney and Justin Davis of Heavy Weather

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