Producers: Paul Pope, Baptiste Neis

Graphic Designer: Paul Tucker

Programmer: Aaron Goulding

FCS Programmer: Ke Way So

About Us

We are you. We are young People (Canadians) making Digital Media.

We found we were needing and wanting:

  • to get our work seen by lots of people
  • to not have to search for a hour every time we had a problem doing something
  • to keep up to date with the latest cool new things relating to our work
  • to find other folks like us to create with.

We figure there’s power in numbers. So, we’re creating

Together we are an audience that wouldn’t fit in your living room, and with our collective infamy we’re working to get our creations into multiple venues. Possibly bringing forth fame, fortune, glory, connections, credibility or well, maybe a summer job.

With we can collaborate, share words of wisdom, cheats, resources and information. Check out the Jam Space.

Oh yeah, is a work in progress, so we (that means you) can make it whatever we want.

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Produced in Association With

Human Resources Development Canada

CBC Television

Telefilm Canada

Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation

Pope Productions

Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund

Bell Fund

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador