Baking Lessons

Baking Lessons

Dance Short (2001) – 5:55 minutes


Producers: Paul Pope, Lisa Porter
Writer/Director: Lisa Porter
Cinematographer: Nigel Markham
Production Designer: Shelly Cornick
Editor: Lyly Fortin
Music: Darrell Cooper, Adam McGrath, Danny Thomas
Cast: Lori Clarke, Ian Penney, Kathryn Lear, Sean Silver, Sarah Austin, Kristy Leaman, Gen Piller, Bridgette Wareham
Production Designer: Shelley Cornick


A woman is baking bread on a hot summer day. She takes the bread out of the oven and lays it on a window-sill. She waits expectantly as the aroma drifts out into the street. Before long an assortment of curious patrons are lining up at her door, eager to learn the secret of her enchanted recipe.

Set to intensely funky music, this delightful dance film features Lori Clarke as the voluptuous Baker who leads her class in a most unusual tutorial. You will never view a two-bun loaf in quite the same way after seeing this fun and sexy short film.

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