Boys on the Fringe

Boys on the Fringe

Documentary (2005) – 45 minutes


Producers: Paul Pope, Tiffany Martin
Writer / Director: Deanne Foley
Cinematographer: Nigel Markham
Editor: Terre Nash


In the Bible Job experiences a long tumultuous journey of faith before being rewarded by God. In present day, Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion, the talented 23 year old Montreal born creators/performers are engaged in their own tumultuous journey of faith in an effort to gain international recognition after their play JOB: The Hip Hop Musical made a smash hit run across Canada. Will the gods of theatre reward their perseverance, courage and talent? Will these two young ambitious Canadians succeed?

Theatre reviews. Competition.Publicity.Performances.Awards.Financing. Big issues for artists who want to gain international recognition. How will Jerome and Eli fare on the international theatre scene?

Over the course of a year we will follow Jerome and Eli through various stages of their journey to seek international recognition. Through moments of ambition, humour, disappointment, and creativity we are invited to be a part of their lives.

The journey takes us to the theatre hot spots of the United States and Europe. We begin in New York City where we follow Jerome and Eli as they experience Off-Off Broadway, as well as business negotiations with Broadway producer Stewart Lane who holds the power to turn them into an overnight theatre success story. European travels take us to one of the largest European theatre events, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where Jerome and Eli meet intense competition from fellow fringe participants.

Through moments of ambition, humour, disappointment, and creativity these two Montreal born creators/performers invite you to be part of their lives. Take a look, from behind the theatre curtain, at chasing fame and fortune.

Produced in Association With

Canadian Television Fund
Telefilm Canada
Alliance Atlantis
Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation
Newfoundland and Labrador film and Video Tax Credit
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit


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