Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour

Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour


The former Trailer Park Boys, Mike Smith, Robb Wells and JP Tremblay return to television to give viewers a new innovative comedy series, The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour. Set in the fictional town of Port Cockerton, this high-energy miniseries finds the boys in the midst of shooting their new sketch-variety TV show called “The Happy Funtime Hour.” Things start to go wrong when an actor hired to play an eccentric scientist (the late Maury Chaykin) assumes the personality of his character after synthesizing a powerful and addictive hallucinogen. Chaos ensues when the entire cast of the variety show ingests the drugs and begins to believe they really are the characters they portray on the show and run amok throughout the small town. The series follows the three boys as they try to stop the production of the hallucinogenic drugs and regain control over their television show.

Guest stars include Jay Baruchel, Amy Sedaris, Pat Roach and John Dunsworth.


Episode 1: “Maury Chaykin F#cked Us”

Former Trailer Park Boys stars Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay wake up in the town of Port Cockerton months after an attempt to film a variety show called The Happy Funtime Hour, to find all of the cast and crew they hired addicted to a powerful hallucinogen.

Episode 2: “Sexual Metal Underwear”

The guys attempt to leave town but get sidetracked by a pair of locked metal underwear, a meeting with cult members at the hospital and a deal they are forced to make with the Brutto’s to return Cincinnatti Harry before they get stabbed to death with corn holders.

Episode 3: “Robbie Krishna and The Bigron”

The Cristall Hearts Sunshine Parish make a profound impression on Robb causing Stabby Brutto to get captured by the Sandwich Soldiers as they pursue Nazis. Don Brutto’s health continues to deteriorate and Captain Megapower is taken hostage by a sexually confused Sasquatch.

Episode 4: “Where in the F#ck is Cincinnati Harry?”

K-Money’s frustration escalates when she is still unable to reach the boys who have been taken prisoner by Joelp. Stabby is tortured by the cult members as Chase Lightning and Flex Fearless search for Captain Megapower. Cincinatti Harry is found but the boys are taken captive by the pirates who finger JP.

Episode 5: “Piss, Gas and the Eiffel Tower.”

Pat sends Mike to look for Robb and JP and to get gas for the generator keeping Cincinnati Harry alive. Falcon pulls ahead of Speedy Pete in the race for Port Cockerton’s number one ambulance service and the boys end up in the clutches of a very unhappy Brutto family.

Episode 6: “Sucking Off K Money (The Festival of Death)”

All worlds collide at Don Brutto’s Festival of Death and the boys are confronted by Dr. Funtime and a very pissed off Katherine Money.

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