Grown Up Movie Star

Grown Up Movie Star


Grown Up Movie Star tells the story of disgraced NHL star Ray (Doyle) and his precocious daughters Ruby (Maslany) and Rose (Julia Kennedy). Once the town hero, Ray has returned home to Newfoundland from the US following a drug conviction, only to have his wife Lillian leave him for another man and aspirations of stardom. With Lillian gone, Ray flails from woman to woman trying to find a replacement for her, while struggling against a growing awareness of his homosexuality. At loose ends for lack of guidance, Ruby in turn is becoming increasingly curious about her own sexuality and, in a desperate plea for attention, putting herself in increasingly risky situations. She begins spending more and more time with Ray’s best friend Stuart, confined to a wheelchair following an accident that involved Ray. When Stuart finds himself attracted to Ruby, he leads the three of them towards a heartbreaking conclusion.


Producers: Paul Pope, Jill Knox-Gosse, Shawn Doyle, Adriana Maggs
Writer: Adriana Maggs
Director: Adriana Maggs
Movie Star Productions Inc
Pope Productions Ltd
Opportunity Knox Inc
Cast: Shawn Doyle, Tatiana Maslany, Julia Kennedy, Johnny Harris, Steve Cochrane, Andy Jones, Susan Kent.


Telefilm Canada – Canadian Feature Film Fund
Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation 
Harold Greenberg Fund
The Newfoundland Film and Video Tax Credit
The Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit


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