(TV Movie – 2 hours)


Producers: Paul Pope, Anna Stratton, Robin Cass
Written and Directed by: Gordon Pinsent
A Pope Productions / Triptych Media co-production
Cast: Adam Butcher, Peter MacNeill, Joanne Kelly, Tom McCamus, and Deidre Gillard-Rowlings


The final days of WWII are turbulent ones for 16-year old Terry Fleming – a sharp young man who fantasizes about what it might be like to work at the airport hotel in Gander, Newfoundland, where pilots and movie-starlets rub shoulders with the locals. Boasting the world’s longest runway and poised on the eastern tip of the continent, Gander provided an unlikely outpost for stars like Gene Tierney, Bob Hope, and others who were often fogged-in while en route to their USO tours overseas.

When his mother becomes gravely ill and the family house is quarantined, it is Terry’s brilliant imagination that carries him on a poignant journey of love and longing. Terry fights his fear of loss by holding onto an infatuation with his vivacious neighbour Laurie (some ten years his senior) and dreaming of encounters with the show business legends at the ‘Gander Airlines Hotel’. As Terry and his father wait out the verdict on his mother’s health, he summons up happy memories and hopes from the world of the hotel and his self-created romance with Laurie blossoms while Bob Hope, big bands, bombers and babes alight in his mind. With a war outside and death rattling around upstairs, youth straddles adulthood while conjured love and laughter provide an antidote to Terry’s fear.

As the western world is poised to win the war while struggling to come to grips with the reality of the world’s evils, Terry Fleming finds the courage to make the last days of his mother’s life their own ‘heyday’.

A note from Gordon Pinsent is available on the Heyday! website.

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Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation
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