Legends and Lore

Legends and Lore

Television Series – 13 x 30 minutes

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Producer: Paul Pope
Creator: Dorian Rowe
Composer: Lori Clarke
Host: Gordon Pinsent


Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic explores some of the region’s most incredible tales, from the spooky supernatural to the unbelievably true.

Guided by our host, Gordon Pinsent, the show explores each legend through rich narration, vivid reenactments and revealing interviews with experts, eyewitnesses and true-believers.

Mysterious haunted ships floating offshore. Buried treasure guarded by ruthless pirates and restless ghosts. First-hand encounters with aliens, sea serpents and fairies. Fifty foot long giant squids, their tentacles armed with razor sharp claws. These fascinating, and often terrifying stories are all told tall on Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic.


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Produced in Association With

Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development corporation
Newfoundland and Labrador Film and Video Tax Credit
Canadian Film and Television Production Association
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Industry Canada
Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-operative


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