Making Waves

Documentary (2002) – 24 minutes

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Director: Susan Knight
Producers: Paul Pope, Baptiste Neis, Susan Knight
Camera: Mark Thompson
Editor: Gary Quigley
Music: Bob Chilcott, Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir


Making Waves profiles the creation and performance of a commissioned piece for two upper voice choirs that performed simultaneously from different continents. The Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir in St. John’s, Newfoundland, performed simultaneously with The Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior in Scunthorpe, England.

Making Waves was composed by Bob Chilcott for upper voices and percussion. The piece was commissioned by Susan Knight of the NSYC. This exciting event celebrated the centenary of the first sending and receiving of a wireless signal across the Atlantic, from Poldhu in Cornwall to St John’s Newfoundland on December 12, 1901.

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Produced in Association With

Susan Knight
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