Co-Executive Producer:Josée Bernard
Supervising Producer: Gordon Yang
 Stefan Wodoslawsky and Paul Pope
MiquelTejada Flores
Director: Sheldon Wilson
Pope Productions Ltd and Reel One Entertainment

Cast: Gina Holden, Greg Bryk, Tim Rozon, Jana Pallaske, Chris Redman, Lance Henriksen


SCREAMERS The Hunting is a futuristic sci fi adventure pitting man against a new breed of machine.  A crew from Earth fights for survival against an enemy that may have infiltrated their ranks and be one of their own.

SCREAMERS The Hunting startsoff with a crew from Earth that answers a mysterious radio transmission distress call from the planet Sirius 6-B after over a decade of silence on the planet. Lieutenant Victoria Bronte (GINA HOLDEN) and Commander Andy Sexton (GREG BRYK) are assigned to lead the investigation. The Team includes young Doctor Schwartz (JANA PALLASKE), Sergeant Hector Romulo (DAVE POMMERAY), Communications Specialist Olaf Soderquist (JODY RICHARDSON), aristocratic Chase Madden (TIM ROZON) and the technically-inclined RafeDanielli (CHRISTOPHER REDMAN). They must also save any remaining inhabitants from a meteor storm that threatens to decimate the planet.

Armed with the latest technology, the crew leaves their shuttle, Medusa, to explore new terrain.  They have six days before the deadly storm. Moving carefully over the arid surface, they quickly discover the remnants of a past battlefield when Screamers, a type of killing machine in the 21st century, had set out to eradicate all life forms. They continue walking only to discover a tunnel which leads them to a subterranean cavern that once housed the automated Screamers factory.

The cavern is a horrifying, dark place, filled with ‘dead’ – broken – and rusting Screamers, and the bones of their human victims.  It’s explained that the cause of the Screamers’ death was the end of their energy supply, their batteries and fuel cells.

Later that night, while everyone is asleep, Sexton returns alone to the subterranean caverns. He begins to revive a rusting, deadly Screamer, just long enough to download the data from its electronic brain into a portable device.  Sexton knows that the Screamers’ sophisticated cyber-chips and software are far ahead of anything on Earth, and the data he has downloaded will be priceless when he returns.  Delighted with himself, Sexton quietly climbs back to the surface.  But, unbeknownst to him, he has awakened a deadly force whose destructive tendencies further threaten the lives of the crew and other inhabitants on Sirius 6-B.

The next morning the crew continues its survey of the planet. Leaving Soderquist to stay with the Medusa, they head out into unknown territory. They are stunned when they discover a small tribe of human inhabitants who live in a heavily fortified area of mountain caves.  The tribe is armed and launches warning volleys of deadly shots.  They are highly suspicious and refuse to talk with the crew, who they believe to be disguised Screamers.

The crew leaves but doesn’t get too far before becoming victims of a deadly surprise attack from Screamers which surround them and come burrowing at them, through the sand and dirt – from all directions.  Crew members are killed; the survivors, including Bronte and Sexton, fight their way back to the Medusa only to discover more tragedy.  A Screamer has managed to make it onboard, and sadly, Soderquist has been killed.  Further investigation shows that the fuel cells have been drained to the point where the engines cannot be fired up. The Medusa has no armour and therefore, will be impossible to defend against the newly revived Screamers who are approaching.

Led by Bronte, they begin their return trek to the fortified caves where the other humans live preparing to negotiate a trade. Nearing the caves, the crew crosses paths with Hannah (HOLLY O’BRIEN) and save her from a Screamer thereby gaining her as a partial ally. Although still hostile and suspicious, the crew’s request for help to find fuel in exchange for a trip back to Earth is debated inside the caves.  Guy (STEPHEN AMELL), a handsome young man, is at first, hesitant to agree, but when he cuts Bronte’s hand – since purportedly only humans can bleed – he realizes she is not a Screamer.  When she does the same to him, they realize they have a common sense of (mis)trust. There is definitely a spark of attraction.  The crew is allowed into the dark rock fortress which the handful of surviving humans on Sirius 6-B calls home.

It is evident that the tribe has some dark secret they won’t reveal; parts of the rock caverns are off-limits to the newcomers.  However curiosity gets the best of the crew, and they venture into a closed-off area to find a handful of cages which contain human teenagers.  Horrified, they fear the worst – that the tribe must survive through cannibalism. But they have a terrible shock when they decide to free the emaciated youth from the cages and learn that they are, in fact, a dangerous new type of enemy – the improved and enhanced terror machines and hybrid human Screamers, relentless in their quest to destroy every living organism on the planet.

Within a few horrifying minutes the Screamer teens have butchered most of the humans and killed some of the crew before only six survivors – Bronte, Sexton, Guy, Hannah, Madden and Schwartz – reach the escape hatch.  The caverns are torched, and they realize that getting off the planet will be the only way to save their lives.

As the group trudges along towards a crashed ship hoping to find fuel, there is even more distrust and tension amongst them. Hannah begins to suspect Guy of being a Screamer, and when she attacks him, Sexton kills her.  Conversely and hidden from the group, Guy and Bronte begin to get romantically involved.  As they begin to fear impending doom on Day Five, other Screamers suddenly attack while they are hiking through rough terrain. Schwartz becomes a casualty. Just as quickly though, the rest are saved by a man firing a strange new weapon.  He is Orsow (LANCE HENRIKSEN), not only an inventor and scientist, but the creator of the Screamers. He invites them to his underground lab where he has a tracking device that shows a grainy image of an army of Screamers heading towards them. Yet he still refuses to help them with fuel to leave Sirius 6-B.

Sexton is found out by Bronte and even though he offers to give her a cut of what he’ll get on Earth for the technology, she does not agree. Shortly thereafter, he searches the lab and finds fuel cells and ends up killing Orsow in a confrontation.

Meanwhile, the troops arrive, and one of them looks like the deceased Danielli.  Madden ends up as his victim as does Sexton.  Only Bronte and Guy remain and in an act of dying remorse, Sexton gives them the fuel cells and pleads with them to destroy the downloaded information.  They race to the Medusa outsmarting the Screamers who quickly follow.

Managing an emergency take-off with auto-pilot set for Earth, Bronte and Guy embrace as they prepare to enter into a sleep-like state for the journey back.  After two months, they awaken and Bronte is nauseous.  They are thrilled she is pregnant, and they are close to home.  Falling into each other’s arms, Guy tells her he will care for them forever.  As Bronte kisses him, she notices an unusual glint in his eye – one that escapes her for a moment.  But when they doze off again, something deeply troubles her and she recalls idiosyncrasies of Guy’s that she once neglected.  She gets up to rummage through his clothes and finds a photo that reveals the sickening truth.  He is a new breed of Screamer and now she is carrying their child.  Guy grips her tightly and professes his love.  We see that the child she is carrying has human qualities and sharp, metal, blade-like knives as limbs.  Bronte screams as they get to Earth.

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