The Plumber’s Waltz

The Plumber’s Waltz

Musical Short (2001) – 3:40 minutes


Director: John Doyle
Producers: Paul Pope, Lisa Porter
Cinematographer: Nigel Markham
Editor: Lyly Fortin
Music: George Morgan
Cast: Meredith Hall, Lisa Porter


A woman discovers the unexpected in her basement when she investigates why her water has run dry. In a funny and surreal journey into the deep, dancer Lisa Porter explores a mysterious underground world populated by friendly plumbers and a beautiful siren, played by acclaimed soprano Meredith Hall, who beckons her to come “just a little further” on this Faustian quest.

George Morgan’s haunting and evocative musical score brings a rich sensuality to the piece. Directed by John Doyle, this oddly hilarious short combines music and dance for a luscious take on one of our most basic technologies. Everyone needs a plumber now and then.


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